Top 5 Medical/Healthcare SEO Companies for 2022

    Best health Care SEO Companies Best Medical SEO Companies

    Health Care SEO firms; In today’s age, where everything and everything can be discovered online, the internet is essential. The good, terrible, and ugly, but let’s concentrate on the positive. Since the advent of SEO, finding a needle in a haystack has become really simple. Simply click on your keyword, and presto!

    Every company now operates online, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon by this point, you are missing out. Statistically, 7% of all Google searches made by potential patients are related to healthcare, thus the healthcare sector is not left out. People can find healthcare businesses online with the aid of healthcare SEO, also known as medical SEO or healthcare SEO, which is a search engine optimization service provided to medical businesses like hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals.

    Doctors gain a lot from healthcare SEO, which also makes it simple for them to rank on Google’s main page. Medical SEO can assist a doctor or hospital to show up in searches for a certain sort of doctor, such as “cardiothoracic hospitals in West Africa.”

    Additionally, it enables hospitals to create an internet marketing strategy that specifically addresses the requirements and preferences of the healthcare system and to create a search engine optimization strategy that fulfills their marketing objectives. Being wary of firms that provide you with prices without first researching your website and your SEO rivals on Google is an essential precaution. These are the top five healthcare SEO firms on the market right now out of the many that exist.

    WEBFX Medical SEO Company

    WebFX accomplishes the task. They deliver industry-leading customer service and endeavor to achieve the vision and goals of their clients. Customers of WebFX outperform the industry average in net promoter score (NPS), the most important indicator of customer satisfaction, by 394%. This is demonstrated by the company’s ability to expertly assist clients in generating 3 billion dollars in revenue, 7.8 million leads, and 5.2 million client phone calls over the previous five years. These are unquestionably the outcomes that WebFX has produced for its customers.

    They assist you in expanding your clientele and marketing your company. Again, it is crucial to understand that relationship building is a benefit of working with WebFX because it helps you develop your brand online, regardless of whether your goal is to share knowledge or sell your own natural treatments. Using social media and other well-known social networks, you can post information about your website or business-related topics to engage visitors and build a following. By doing this, you develop relationships with those who are interested in learning more about your company.


    In the top 1% of digital marketing firms is SmartSites. They deliver accredited pay-per-click advertising for their clients while combining performance with outstanding customer service. They have undeniably some of the greatest PPC specialists in the field, and they have a history of expanding prosperous companies. A trustworthy, results-driven website that your consumers will enjoy and that accurately portrays your brand is another benefit of using SmartSites for business growth. With over 700 successful websites established by the team since 2011, a 510% boost in referral traffic, and a 200% increase in client SEO campaign traffic within 6 months, their accomplishments speak for themselves. BusinessWeek, Inc., Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications have all mentioned them.


    Patients should be able to locate you when they search Google for healthcare-related information. This is Sagapixel’s objective. With expertise in digital marketing, they offer hospitals, plastic surgeons, urgent care facilities, in-home senior care providers, and other healthcare providers healthcare SEO services to help them appear in front of patients on Google. As evidence of the job they have done for their clients, they have a list of the clients their agency has served on their website. They have also made a record of all the search engine traffic and ratings of the many businesses that have employed them public. Anyone can get access to this information.

    Their success stories feature outstanding outcomes, such as developing a brand-new plastic surgery website for a customer that brought in 40,000 visits each month in just 10 months. Another customer saw a 38,000 monthly visits increase for telemedicine, and another saw a 700% increase in traffic for plastic surgeons.


    According to SEOWorks, if the foundations of your SEO aren’t strong, your company will eventually suffer. It is obvious that the internet market for digital health services is essential given that searches connected to health are growing by about 20% annually. For many of your clients in the health industry, both in the consumer and corporate sectors, they have successfully investigated target audiences and developed effective strategies. More than ever, your service needs to be mobile-friendly and visible online since increasingly informed patients are looking for products, services, and information to aid them in their quest for better health.

    According to a testimonial from a happy customer, the campaign on their website earned 5,250,000 visitors per month from organic searches. Two years later, it had skyrocketed to 19,000,000 visits each month. The campaign was so successful that it took home the Drum Search Awards’ Best B2C Campaign honor. The SEO firm was able to produce 4,965 new first-page ranks and 1,066 new number-one rankings.


    With the aid of tailored marketing solutions, Thrive, a well-known digital marketing company, assists healthcare providers in expanding their online presence and achieving their corporate objectives. Your monthly leads will climb by 122% thanks to this SEO firm, and your overall conversion rate will go up by 80%. This makes it simple for customers to find your healthcare company online. The professionals at Thrive worked with a customer to scale up several parts of optimization, like content creation and review acquisition, in order to get the required outcomes.

    The customer increased its monthly leads by 557% and added 393 new favorable reviews thanks to its thorough organic search campaign. They can also increase monthly traffic to clients’ websites by more than 52% and by more than 61.4% for new users. The company is dedicated to assisting hospitals in their particular specialized markets by offering targeted services for healthcare SEO, such as:

    • Franchise SEO Thrive boosts your internet visibility across locations and offers your target clientele easy healthcare services. They create a distinctive brand identity for you, draw in mobile customers, optimize directory listings, and promote customer reviews. Additionally, they make use of franchise SEO and provide your medical services to people who most need them.
    • Research on keywords is important because statistics reveal that 77% of patients look for healthcare providers online before making an appointment. To enhance your search success, the Thrive healthcare SEO agency prioritizes keyword research and optimization, competition analysis, and the use of long-tail geo-modified keywords.

    An additional SEO Company is;


    They offer search engine marketing services for medical practices, and if your clinic is not at the top of Google, you are missing out on an almost limitless supply of potential new patients.

    OuterBox has delivered over two million (2M+) first-page Google ranks and has over 400 successful client partnerships. According to them, Google holds websites in the medical sector to a much higher standard, so in order for your medical practice’s website to rank well in Google, it must satisfy Google’s increasingly strict algorithm to convey expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. OuterBox is a leading provider of medical SEO services thanks to its more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

    Nearly 90% of customers are likely to start with a search engine when researching medical issues and seeking for new providers, according to research from OuterBox, which also finds that nearly 75% of patients use search engines like Google to find a health professional. However, most users just look at the first three results, and a Google search session typically lasts little under a minute.

    With this knowledge, it is simple to understand how crucial being at the top of the rankings might be. Due to the fact that the top three results are constantly one step ahead of their rivals, you’ll probably get very little traffic to your website if you’re not one of them.


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